Components of a Feasibility Study Essay

Global Warming is considered as the most serious threat our world facing today. These problems are widely discussed by the wealthy nation as to how to reduce the carbon emissions worldwide. In the past, nobody cares about the rising temperature of our planet until catastrophe happened that points back to global warming. As we all know, global warming is the result of greenhouse gases produced by product of the emission of carbon monoxide from burning of fossil fuel and deforestation.

Our planet produces natural greenhouse gases that synthesize or remove toxic substances naturally. Unfortunately, human activities contributed to the rising of the temperature which started during the industrial revolution. Furthermore, increasing consumption of fossil fuel due to high demand of those factories, machineries, all sorts of vehicles like for instance cars, ships, airplanes, and other equipments that is driven by this fossil fuel enormously intensified the rising of world’s temperature.

In addition, deforestation play a part of further increasing the level of temperature across every continent due to conversion of forested areas to become land for farming, villages and industrial zone. Surprisingly, forest serves as a filter for all those toxic substances thrown to the atmosphere but nobody cares. Gradually, in the future, our forest will be reduced in numbers as human activities increased whereby reducing a nature’s way of filtering unwanted chemicals present in our atmosphere.

Fortunately, now, every nation is widely concern of the future of our planet. We have an accord which will be respected by all countries that global emission fumes, burning of more fossil fuels and deforestation must be totally eliminated gradually. That’s why wealthiest countries develop clean and green technology which will then be acquired shared by all nations in aim to stop further harm to our own planet.

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