Should Corporal Punishment Allowed in School Essay

Corporal punishment is a punishment intended to cause physical pain on a person. In this modern era of technology, most of the school will not use corporal punishment when the students are do wrongly. But the minority of school still using it as punishment. Such a move might have disadvantage as well as advantages. Hence, corporal punishment should not be allowed in Malaysia schools. Firstly, corporal punishment will cause injuries and trauma towards the students. Many act of this punishment will lead to bruise or wound.

For vulnerable students, it might be cause the student last a life time or suicide. Consequently, students will injured or feel depression by using corporal punishment. Secondly, corporal punishment is a viable alternative to social problems. When teachers punish student by corporal punishment, they will dislike to study and does not enjoy their school life. They will start to involve in some social problem such as loafing, vandalising, smoking and many more. The performance in education of students will decreases.

Therefore, corporal punishment will lead the social problem more serious in nowadays. Some may claim that corporal punishment is to give power back to teachers again. The teacher felt that current punishments have no intimidation power for students and students will nothing to fear and no deterrent. The current punishment leaves teachers powerless to prevent bad behaviour. However, if the teacher find out the way to punish student other than corporal punishment and current punishment to prevent bad behaviour, the power of teachers will back.

Instead they can have some motivation or encouragement to students when they do mistake. Students will enjoy their study life and the bad behaviour also prevented. In a nutshell, corporal punishment definitely should not be allowed in Malaysia schools because it will cause injuries and trauma towards the students. Moreover, social problem will become more serious issue if the corporal punishment be allowed.

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