Data Classification Standard Essay

The work station domain is the second layer in the infrastructure. This is also affected by the internal use only standard. In this layer the user can access the network and any applications or information on the system with proper credentials. This requires a user login and password set up or some other form of authentication such as CA card. This is to be done before the person can access any information. This is a set up that can help stop people from getting information that there not supposed to have access to.

The LANA to WAN domain is the third layer of the infrastructure. This can also be affected by the internal use only standard. The TCP and UDP are not safe due to the fact that these are the enter/exit points of the network. This layer allows all the private information on the network to be easily accessed from an outside source. I feel that these three problem areas should be monitored and maintained to the highest standard. I think that Irishman Investment should watch these closely and set a stricter guideline for accessing all information.

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