Different Forms of Communications Essay

Communicating plays a very important role in our daily lives. Every living being communicates with each other one way or another. Speech, for example, is the simplest and easiest form of communicating between us humans. Some even say that they can speak to ghosts, people of the past or even Gods. Also, communication between humans plays an integral role in continuing the human race. After all, if you are anti-social, who then, pray tell, would you be able to find your partner in life and give birth to the next generation?

The most important and most abundant form is conversing. Talking with each other will not only be able to enhance our verbal skills but also enlarge our circle of friends. We can learn a lot of things from our friends compared to doing something on our own, as we each have different viewpoints on the same subject matter. Plus, a little bit of humour can be added at the right moment to spice up the moment. After all, laughter is the best medicine. Another form of communicating I think everyone is familiar with is through the help of our modern technology.

Television is no longer only considered as a form of entertainment but it is also just as widely use as the radio to convey important information to the public. This also includes the use of the internet. Ever since it was invented, internet has taken up the greater part of our lives. Children nowadays can surf the net for countless hours reading or updating personal blogs, online novels or simply just playing online games, all just a click away.

Through posting online, we are all able to sharpen our vocabulary skills besides making a stand for our opinions. Many online forums were created just for these specific reasons. Another way of communicating online is “Instant Messaging”, also known as IM. Nowadays, many companies have created instant messaging-wise software like ICQ, Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger to suit the users needs. These programs let us communicate with everyone on all four corners of the world, instantly, making spending time chatting with each other relatively simple.

I feel the music is another form of conveying our thoughts. Whenever I listen to a song or melody, I can feel the strong emotions reverberating off the body of the musician as he plays the piece. I am also able to feel the different feelings and thoughts of the composers conveyed through the musical notes. A simple tune, but layered significance. Another way to communicate is through writing. A person is able to portray what he is feeling at that moment of time through words.

By writing them down, he is keeping a record of his feelings, so that he is able to reminiscent after years have passed. By that time, it is the pages that are telling the story once written down by him. They are communicating to him through letters that withstood the trial of time. All in all, there are many more forms of communicating which I have not yet mentioned but being a sociable person is really helpful wherever you are. A simple handshake can go a long, long way.

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