Quickly stands and turns upo Essay

She breathes deeply, her chest heaving, trying to eliminate the fear and apprehension that she feels of the Master that is approaching. From her crouched position, she hears His footsteps on the jungle floor, closer and closer, He is near, but still no sound is heard except for that of her pounding heart.

She now hears His breathing, she quickly stands and turns upon the balls of her feet in a graceful but nervous pirouette. Her dove grey almond eyes widening with the terror rising in her, she begins to flee, looking for a better hiding place. Her torn, ragged silks flapping in the wind against her warm milky flesh.

Her delicate exposed slender limbs now covered in scratches from the foliage tearing at her skin. Dark curls cascading down to her lower back, teasing the top of her rounded hips. Her rosy moist lips glistening in the moonlight, quiver with anxiety, knowing that no matter how fast or how far she runs, she will never escape His wrath.

Kneeling down, thighs parted enough to allow her to lean forward and place the velvety skin of her breasts upon the ground underneath a small bush, hoping that He will just pass her by without a second look. She once again hears Him coming closer, the weight of His body crushing the small twigs and leaves under His feet. He stops in front of her hiding place. She can now smell the masculine scent of this handsome Master.

Her heart still pounds in her ears, her body shakes, but this time not with fear. For after seeing the look upon His face, and the warmth in His eyes, He is a Master to desire, not to run from.

She moves into the open, this time not in haste, but in a slow seductive manner, swaying her curvaceous hips, she entices Him with her feminine wiles before kneeling in front of Him, thighs parted. With heated passion in her slave heart and in her eyes.

She is suddenly aware that what she thought was a race for her freedom, was only the dance that she made for her one and only Master, she lowers her body down to the cool tiles of the main hall of her Home. She kisses the feet of the wonderful Master that she loves so, hoping that she has greatly pleased Him with all that she is with her submission and her dance.

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