Ell Students Essay

These are the ten steps that will benefit my ELL students. Lesson Plans Knowledge Disposition Visual Aids Routine Classroom Management Goals Resources Cooperative Learning Technology I will create lesson plans that will engage all students. I will make sure there are hands on activities for my ELL students. I will assess my ELL learners to see what they know and how much knowledge they have of the English language. By doing this I can focus on the areas where the most work is needed. I will make sure myself and students have good attitudes towards every student.

I will make sure all of my students feel welcome and want to come to school. I will use visual aids to help my ELL students understand the material they are given. I will set my classroom up so that everyone benefits. We will label things that are used every day, so the students can associate the word with the picture. We will follow the same routine so my ELL students can associate a task with the English words. By creating a routine I believe it makes the classroom run smoother. I will manage my classroom so there is no question to what is expected. My students will use them when correcting behavior.

I will keep the room organized so everyone feels comfortable. I will set realistic goals for my ELL students to meet. I will use all available resources at our school including internet, Spanish Teacher, Spanish speaking students and any other resources to help my students. I will group my students together, so they can help each other and encourage learning for their partners. This will help me when dealing with ELL students. I can use their language and our language to associate material. There are computer programs available that will teach students to associate a word with a picture.

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