Famous People and Privacy Essay

In conclusion, It’s evident that sensationalism has become deeply entrenched In the media and journalists are paying by sacrificing their ethics exposing people and relatives lives. Do you agree news Is sensationalists In tabloids? Tabloids can be defined as a type of newspaper with a simple style, many photographs and emphasis on sensational stories. To increase the attraction of newspapers headlines, publishers allow showing sensationalist news. For them, the effects of It seem to be positive, however, these are producing a negative Impact on society.

So I don t agree that news are sensationalists for two reasons. In first place, Journalists are breaking the ethical values and the mission of their profession. For them, the size of the audience Is relevant. Because the In tabloids are very competitive. In fact, it’s part of journalists’ strategy for catching the attention of most readers. Unfortunately, to achieve they is a lack of objectivity in the allegations that not bring correct information. For instance, when the new of RAIN flu appeared, tabloids published exaggerate number of deaths.

Obviously, parents were too ordered about that they didn’t send their children to school for many days. Besides, sensationalism affects everyone involved in, even your relatives. This is the case of Jean Paul Sanitaria and Angle Ojibwa. They were a famous couple, but since he was besieged by paparazzi when they go out with another woman, this love story turned into a storm for them. Ojibwa felt mortified, because of sensationalism her 1 OFF Obviously Jabot’s family was full of shame about it. Even due they broke up, everybody is still speculating about their lives and hounded by the media in every action.

In conclusion, in today’s society is under scrutiny and is losing its credibility. It is evident that sensationalism has become deeply entrenched in the media. In turn, readers are paying a high price through their loss of credible sources of information. Furthermore, Journalists are paying by sacrificing their ethics in order to earn money. A-IOW GROUP WORK 03 Laughing helps people who suffer from depression or sadness? Laugher helps people to cure depression and sadness in many ways. A. Laugher cheers up people. ) Liberate a substance called dopamine that makes you happier. ) Produce a Unlearn sensation. B. Laugher makes people forget their problems. 1) Makes people come back to their past emotional states C. Laughter raises self-esteem 1) Makes you see the positive not the negative 2) Gives more receptivity. In conclusion, laughter offers multiple contributions to deal with depression or sadness. Laugher helps people to cure depression and sadness in many ways. California University has recently discovered about a small zone in the brain which is capable f making the most serious man laugh and also, that 5 minutes laughing equals 45 minutes exercising slowly.

Discoveries like this lead us to reckon about the fact that laughter can actually be more relevant than it is thought. In fact, the “humor therapy”, as it is called, offers many psychological and even physical benefits to the body. This therapy has been developed with more emphasis over the past years. Simply as it sounds: Laughter helps people to get over depression and sadness in many ways. For instance, it cheers people up, it makes people forget their problems esteem.

Actually, it’s obvious that laughter cheers up people, since the big smile in the face of someone laughing can tell us that, however, that’s only what we can see. How about what can’t see? It should be known that a “real” laugh liberates a substance called dopamine which makes people happier. Happiness is a relative concept, what is enough for some, is not for others, nevertheless, this happiness ‘created” by dopamine produces a welfare sensation which contributes to getting over bad moods. As laughter makes people happier, it lets people hide problems room their mind for a moment.

As people come back, while laughing, to some emotional states felt in the past. Problems carries stress, and by forgetting about it, it’s easier to cure depression. The author of Anatomy of Melancholy, Robert Burton, said, “Jolly company should not separate from music, both are necessary: happiness makes life larger, gives youth and life to the body. Going crazy isn’t bad. So go party often and have happy friends whose Jokes can make you happier”. This kind of things Mould take people to live better and happy, to see the positive things in life, why

Mould anybody choose negativity over them? This occurs mainly because laughter raises self-esteem. It’s not surprise that it gives more receptivity too, since more self- esteem would makes people more comfortable with themselves. In conclusion, laughter offers many contributions to deal with depression and sadness. There are lots of ways to get to them and their results, some of them are happiness, confidence and self-esteem, here isn’t even mentioned the physicals advantages, but as studies show, there is room to grow in the “humor therapy”.

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