Final Strategic Plan and Presentation Essay

Final Strategic Plan and Presentation Candles and Relaxation Ani Bagumyan University of Phoenix BUS/475 – INTEGRATED BUSINESS TOPICS BSAH0O7CT7 April 19, 2010 LAURA POGUE Business/475-Intergrated business topics have taught me very important skills that should be used in every business. The knowledge I have gained has let me understand how these strategies are used. The business I have selected will be explained and how important they are. Candles and Relaxations vision, mission, and values in determining my strategic direction will be explained.

I have defined the business, product, services and the customers by developing a mission statement. A vision statement will be created to demonstrate all the decisions that are made with Candles and Relaxations, and all these decisions will affect make an effect on the business. Culture, social responsibility, and ethics will be defined as the guiding principles. Mission Statement Candles and Relaxation has a priority in having high quality products that satisfy the customer.

Employees of all standards are treated the same way, and all their suggestions are taken under considerations and considered to be an option in corporate meetings. Candles and Relaxation is different from other candle stores because we offer 100% employee and customer satisfaction to the very extent. Our business has a goal in having the best possible reputation with the care for the relaxation of our customers. We are committed to take care of our duties in offering products that are organic, and satisfying. Candles and Relaxations offer candles that are only sold at our store only.

These candles are made to have a purpose, and that purpose is to have the essence of relaxation with a touch of scent. In order to offer these candles, our organization takes the customer feedback into considerations and creates new candles that will satisfy. Our expert candle makers create candles that are made specifically to help the user to feel relaxed to the fullest. Vision and Core Values Candles and Relaxation will become a leading seller in candles in its industry by displaying professionalism in product quality, range, customer service and support.

Companies that are interested in selling such items will recognize our store, and describe it as a motivation. Candles and Relaxations vision will be defined by its quality, price and services that are offered by the company. The core values are important in guiding the organization towards the strategic plan, and what direction the company wants to take. The core values are the customer, employees, environment venders, goals, and ethical conduct that let the management and leaders to make a crucial decision in.

My company will respect the competition, but still strive to be the best. Values and guiding principles 1. Customer Satisfaction: Number one priority is to have great customer service. The products that are offered are created specifically to satisfy their needs. 2. Be a leader in the relaxation industry: Be a key leader in the industry and expand our business across the states, and eventually globally. Candles and Relaxation will respect all cultures, customs and business practices that are located nearby, and all around.

These candles are made specifically to satisfy all and not some. All companies should take the time to respect diversity and operate in the most ethical manner in cultural environment. 3. All the Candles that are made are organic, and respond to the environments safety. The candle makers are also eco-friendly and their products respond to the safety of the world. 4. Employees that are promoted diversely to avoid discrimination to the full extent of culture, ethnic background, gender and religion. SWOTT analysis has played a big role in the plan of Candles and Relaxation.

SWOTT analysis helps to improve, and set a plan that helps the company to improve, and be ahead of the competition. SWOTT stands for, strengths, weakness, opportunity, threats and trends. Defining, and setting goals for each step is important for one step missing will affect the entire analysis. There are special planners that help in aligning the analysis, and setting goals for the company. The goals of the company are based on the affordability of the company. A goal cannot be med it there is not enough money for that goal. A company must have a vision and mission statement.

These statements guide the company and direct it towards success. The vision and mission statement also help the company to stay in touch with their employees, and customers. The SWOTT analysis will help the company to have a clean analysis that will help in the coming business years. Strategic planning, tactical, practical actions and control mechanisms are developed for the long term vision and mission statement. Conclusion is concluded that a business must have a vision, and mission statement and a SWOTT analysis to ensure the company’s success for the future.

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