Healthcare Reform Essay

President Obama’s Health Care Plan As a new health plan should, President Obama’s new healthcare reform is based upon the right and value of choices. In Obama’s health plan, the people have the right to choose if they would rather private insurance or national healthcare insurance, healthcare should be available to every American citizen, stating that no federal dollar would be spent on those labeled alien, and plans to create easier access to coverage. As a part of Obama’s plan, employers who did not cover their employees’ healthcare would not take a percentage of these employers income for the national plan.

Obama’s plan also states that every child should have some sort of basic healthcare and allows young adults to remain under their parent’s coverage until the age of 25. The healthcare plan will always cover pre-existing condition; it will lower medication cost, reform Medicare and medical malpractice. However, the plan does not appear full proof. One element that proposed a sufficient risk is the annual cost to maintain the reform and where the money would car from the support the reform. It is estimated that 900 billion dollars would be needed to support and maintain reform.

Moreover, many are concerned that medical providers could refuse to accept public insurance or if healthcare providers could increase the coverage rate in order to maintain their normal income. In retrospect, if the President’s healthcare plan is placed into effect, there would be more work opportunities for those in the healthcare profession. If more healthcare insurance were available, the number regular doctor visits would increase. Therefore allowing chronic, curable disease to be detected sooner, leading to a healthier America.

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