Definition Of Internet Privacy Essay

Internet always comes with security and privacy issues. With being an online college student, I am constantly on the Internet using my school’s website. I have used this on my own personal computer with my private Wi-If at home and also on a public WI-IF connection. I keep my home Internet locked so no one else can access my WI-IF without knowing the password. I try not to use a public WI-IF unless necessary or If I am only going to be browsing the web because I never share private information online unless I am on my secured network at home.

If I am ever using the Internet at work, I only use this for work information on our own Intranet. Employees are allowed to use specific computers on breaks for personal use but I still never share personal information because all computers at work are on a monitoring system. A lot of personal information is given over the Internet in society today, such as banking and credit card information when ordering items from a store online. Public Wi-If gives everyone access to that network, which has the threat of hackers.

I do not think it is ethical to use a neighbor’s wireless Internet signal without having their permission. Even though they may not have a password set to keep their network secure, this Is not an open invitation for others to use It. It should not be legal without their permission or having a terms and conditions that the user must agree too. In any case, all Internet users should be careful with the Information they share online at all times and pay close attention to the type of wireless network they are using.

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