Job Analysis (Cleaning Solutions) Essay

Interclean inc and envirotech | New Cleaning Solutions Department| Job analysis| | [Type the author name]| 8/11/2008| The merger of Inter Clean inc, and Envirotech is now complete, The company has plans to incorporate a new sales department that will be responsible in providing full service cleaning solutions, for organizations in the healthcare industry. The purpose of this department is to gain the reputation, of providing excellent consumer care, and build long-term relationships with the client.

The departments focus is to assure, that the client receives quality products for the best price, and provide current information on the latest industrial cleaning, and sanitation industry developments. In doing so, the department will update clients of any regulation changes that may become a compliance issue, in reference to the cleaning industry. This department will also provide training seminars, for the cleaning staff of healthcare companies, which will provide knowledge of regulation standards for cleaning industry.

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Applicants will take a questionnaire that will allow management to evaluate common skill sets like intelligence, decision-making, and time management etc… Applicants will also go through an interview process to answer questions in reference to their experience pertaining to the job analysis, and follow up questions concerning the questionnaire taken. The observation of employee’s will be on conduct, attendance, and motivational tactics. The evaluation process of employee’s is on job performance, to see if employees are making, or exceeding their sales goals, and if their customer service skills are on par, with company guidelines.

Main Job Duties: 1. Develop sales leads, and identify potential clients within target markets for healthcare companies. 2. Must have good customer service skills to develop, and maintain long-standing relationships with clients. 3. Willing to learn, and possibly train a group of people on the regulation standards of the cleaning industry. 4. Must be able to develop and apply sales strategies, to the work force. Specifications: 1. Require five years experience, or more in sales, and customer service. 2. College degree preferred. 3. Being able to independently solve problem, and develop sales solutions. . Strong oral and written communication skills, good working knowledge of Microsoft excel and internet search engines. 5. Demonstrate the ability to negotiate and influence decision makers. Workforce Planning System: The recruiting process will consist of placing ads in the newspaper, using web based advertising, and job postings within the company. These three areas will add to an already established talent Poole. The idea of using newspaper, and web-based advertising is to seek outside talent that could bring a fresh and new approach towards developing solutions based on the cleaning industry.

This idea will help achieve success in this department. I will be looking for five key positions, first a department manager someone who has upper management experience, knowledgeable in sales, pertaining to the industrial cleaning, and sanitation industry. Someone who will uphold a high standard for customer service quality, and show the ability to lead a team in making difficult decisions, which may involve trying new innovative ways to meet, or even exceed sales goals.

Second is supervisor of sales, this person needs to have experience leading a team, and is not afraid to take an aggressive approach towards motivating sales representatives, and doing what it takes to achieve high standards. In addition, someone who is also, up to date with regulations standards regarding the clean, and sanitation industry. Third, is a training coordinator, someone who has experience training within an individual, or group setting. Someone who is also willing to travel to meet the client in which, he or she would provide knowledge, and training for the cleaning staff of each client.

This talent coordinator may need to help train, and coordinate the opening of future offices. Fourth, two sales representatives who’s job description will be to recruit new clients, and develop long term relationships with those clients, and someone (s) who is willing to work long hours, in order to acquire new accounts. Action Plan: The decision of choosing candidates for each position will be base on sales, and positional experience, on the job performance, educational achievement, and other qualities such as, strengths and weaknesses.

All five recruits will enter into a six-week training program that will focus on understanding, what it means to provide clean, and sanitation solutions to healthcare companies. They will also review an understand the policies, and procedures of the department, Each employee will learn how to formulate different forms of contracts, for acquiring new clients, employees will learn how to navigate, and implement data through the departments intranet system, learning key strategies for gaining new clients, and understanding the departments philosophy on what it means to provide cleaning, and sanitation solutions.

Each employee will have on the job training pertaining specifically to each position. This training will develop, and help each employee master his or her role in the department. The development of this department comes with tremendous up side. The potential growth is evident, in the long term the company expects to grow and establish more departments, in other areas throughout the United States. Promotional opportunities for management are promising. Compensation for employees of this department will vary, base on position level.

Generally, each employee of this department will receive health and dental insurance, vacation, paid holidays, 401K retirement plan in which the company will math 100% of monthly contributions, company vehicle, and a life insurance policy. Sales representatives will receive a base pay plus commission for each client signed and yearly bonuses for maintaining the client. The supervisor of sales will receive a base salary and a percentage bonus, from sales derived from sales representatives. The training oordinator will receive a base salary, bonus pay for each held training seminar, and a company credit card for travel expenses and for lunch, dinner accommodations for the client and/or staff. The department manager, will receive salary pay only, but at a high level. The goal of this team is to be energetic, motivated, and knowledgeable in providing cleaning solutions to the healthcare industry. This department is expected to meet, or exceed sales goals, and take pride in providing good customer service care.

This department must work well together to develop a cohesive unit. The selection process will consist of using the In-Basket method along with other resources in determining who will fill the role as department manager, and supervisor of sales. According to chapter 7, in the book titled Human Resource Management it states, “In- Basket exercise is designed to assess a candidate’s problem solving, decision making, and administrative skills (Cascio, 2005, p. 255). ” Having these skills set is essential for holding a position in management.

The selection process will also consist of using the Personal History Data along with other resources in determining who will fill the role as training coordinator, and sales representative. According to chapter 7, in the book titled Human Resource Management it states, “ Based on the assumption that one of the best predicators of what a person will do in the future is what he or she has done in the past, biographical information has been used widely and successfully as one basis for staffing decisions (Cascio, 2005, p. 251). Recognizing consistencies in regard, to work ethic, and persona allows an individual to make better decisions during the hiring process. With careful consideration during the selection process, my decision on whom to hire, for this department has been finalized. I have decided to appoint Jim Martin as department manager for this new department. Mr. Martin has been chosen for this position because he is an experienced and knowledgeable sales manager in this industry. Mr. Martin has a reputation of providing good customer care in which I believe will transcend down to his team.

He brings a creative approach for developing new and innovative ideas for sales, and has a record of accomplishment of always exceeding sales plan goals. I am appointing Tom Gonzalez as the supervisor of sales for this department. Mr. Gonzalez, is going to be an over seer of the whole department. Since, the purpose of this department is to provide cleaning solutions to the healthcare industry; I need someone like Mr. Gonzalez who is an expert in developing solutions-based products for consumers to lead this team in the right direction. Mr.

Gonzalez, brings 25 years of experience in the cleaning industry to this department, and is someone who prides himself on establishing long-term relationships with customers, assuring good quality service. I have selected Ving Hsu as the departments training coordinator. Mr. Hsu has experience in performing training seminars to employees of customers, and with his large network base of colleagues, and professionals he has built a reputation, of there being no problems he cannot handle. For the first sales representative position, I have selected Eric Borden.

Mr. Borden has 14 years of experience in the cleaning industry. He will be an asset to this department in providing cleaning solution, to health care companies with his knowledge of regulation standards in the cleaning, and sanitation industry. Mr. Borden has team leadership experience where he led several projects successfully with Enviro Tech. Mr. Borden’s ability to do well in sales for this department is promising. With the experience Mr. Borden will gain in this department, could make him a solid candidate, for a future management position.

For the last sales representative position, I have selected Susan Burnt. Ms. Burnt has been in sales for six years and has successfully met her sales goals each year. Over the years, Ms Burnt has been very aggressive when closing sales. She also understands the importance of providing excellent care after the sale. Ms. Burnt will be an asset to the department. Reference Cascio, W. F. (2005). Managing Human Resources Productivity, Quality of Work Life, Profits, Seventh Edition.

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