Make Your Own Government Essay

Attention people of Kumruland. My name is —– and I am a consultant from the United Nations. We are gathered here today to discuss a better and suitable political system for this country, and mainly for you, the people. I will introduce to you this form of government, constitutional democracy and why I feel it will be a much better system for you. I hope at the end of my speech you will all agree with me and we can make Kumruland a better country for everybody. Many years ago, people felt we should be governed by the “best”.

The “best” usually was one person, or a king, or ruler who had the power and the right to tell us what to do and how to do it. For a while we let this slide, but as time went one more and more people were thinking, “Hey, why aren’t I the best? ” When this happened where more than 1 person believed to be the best, it resulted in wars and problems. Eventually people came up with a majority principle, in which stated that we would chose who was the “best”. They decided to vote for this leader instead of making one person feel it was their right to rule us. This was known as constitutional democracy.

Another thing I will introduce to you is Rule of Law. This is something democracy came out of. Rule of Law is people being able to govern themselves. Making written laws and sticking to them, not changing anything unless it was voted for and written about after. On June 7th, 1776, a man named Richard Henry Lee decided we needed independence, due to our recent independence from Great Britain on July 4, 1776. Five men sat down together, to make a Declaration of Independence. This declaration was made to make the people equal and not be controlled so much by the government.

This declaration says “. that all men are created equal.. that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. ” “. that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government.. ” This basically is saying that everyone is entitled to freedom, life, and the right to be happy. The people are no longer run by government figures. The government is just put there to protect us and make sure no one takes away our inalienable rights, (life, liberty and happiness. We the people have more power than the government.

If we don’t like them, we have the right to make a new one; out with the old in with the new. The main reason for declaring our independence was to alter our former system of government which was by the king of Great Britain, who did nothing but wrong and bad to us. Doesn’t this sound great? Well it wasn’t, it was a bunch of promises, and promises get broken. It needed something else, something .. more. The nest big thing, which helped this democracy, is the Constitution. This tells us all of our rights as people and our freedoms, restrictions, etc.

In Article I, it tells us that we will vote for The House of Representatives, and the senate. How great right? We can pick our leaders, and the people who make the decisions. It tells us congress ahs the right to collect taxes, etc to pay the country’s debts, and all of their other duties. Article II, it says we can vote for our president. Wow, have you, people of Kumruland ever voted for your leader? How does this democracy sound to you so far? Good well it’s only the beginning. We also have amendments. The 1st amendment entitles us to free speech and freedom of the press.

We can say whatever we’d like to about nay issue, (as long as we aren’t hurting anyone in the meantime) and print anything about any issues in the newspaper as we’d like. We also have the right to bear arms, and we’re secure against unreasonable search and seizures. If any of us gets in legal trouble, we have the right to a public and speedy trial. We are also protected against cruel and unusual punishment. No tyranny! We, the people are given the rights not obtained by the central government. We all have a right to vote (if we are over the legal age of 18 that is), there is no such thing as slavery, and all men are created equal.

These amendments are made to be better for us, you, the people. They grant us freedom and the right to equality. No longer are black men, and white women, lower on the hierarchy than the white man. We can also practice our religion in peace. We have freedom of religion. If you want to sit in the park quietly and pray, you can do it! We also have a little something called checks and balances, separation of powers. The government is split into 3 branches, Legislative (the congress), Judicial (the Supreme Court) and Executive (the president). They all have different powers and duties, in order so that not one branch becomes too powerful.

Everything is equal. They counter balance each other. Back to the Rule of Law, it “Prevents arbitrary exercise of executive power, preserves general and minority rights, and promotes stability and predictability. ” This means that it makes sure the executive power, or the president, doesn’t become too powerful. It gives the minorities a say. The minorities in this case, are the people with the same views as the smaller half of the population. We also have smoething called Federalism, which is the sharing of the power between the states and the national government.

This helps us make sure the national government doesn’t get too powerful. See, people of Kumruland. This new form of government is great. No more tyranny, no more segregation, inferiority. Everyone will be equal. Sure we’re all different, we have different views and opinions, and now we could be able to share those ideas with one another, with the public, let them be known! The government can no longer control you, well, unless you don’t pay your taxes. You can finally be free, your own person, and listen to no one but yourself. Come on now Kuruland, what do you think? (The crowd goes crazy, clapping cheering, they love it ! )

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