Nonverbal Essay

223 S. 2nd Street Sunbury, Pa. 17801 The date TITLE OF YOUR ESSAY On February 24, 2010 my supervisor, Roy Love and I had a 45 minute Meeting concerning a few of the problems, which I feel was a bad Reflection of our ability to perform what was required of us at Congra. I felt the problem of fellow co-worker taking too much Time off, which was putting too much burden on the rest of the Of my co -workers. We also discussed the problem of a fellow Co-worker Performing the duties require in his task assignment. Mr. Love and I We have worked together for about 1 year.

I felt I knew him well enough to Know he was a fair man and did his job in a profession standard. When Mr. Love and I was talking I got myself not making direct Eye contact, while I was constantly rocking back and forward. I feel uncomfortable about talking about fellow co-workers I feel it wrong to talk behind the backs of my fellow workers. During our meeting I felt my tone of voice I felt my toner of voice getting louder when I was upset. Considering the meeting I Should not felt this way because it better to get your opinions Out in the open, so things ca gets resolved.

When things go Unresolved there becomes a lack of communication, which Causes a lot angry displayed to the other co-worker. Then The company which contacted to perform this service in their Plant feels maybe they made a mistake hiring his cleaning This cleaning crew because they were living up to Conga’s standards. During the course of the meeting we ask matt to joint in the In this meeting. Mr. Love explains to him why he was asking to join the meeting. Mr. Love Explain the problem I was having with his absenteeism and his poor Job performs.

I felt uncomfortable in talking with Matt because he Was a young man who did not take critizing lightly? He showed His angry in the way he stood and his express on his face. After the Meeting he did not talk to me the rest of the night. I discovered that I had a least 3 bad nonverbal listening habit, This needed a great deal of improvement. I need to learn a lot Move how to improve my eye contact skills. My posture needs a Great deal of improvement and try to go into a meeting with a Calmer altitude and I need to learn that he only my supervisor And he will not judge me for my opionions.

When there is a problem Not be afraid to talk to him one on one. He appreciate my open and Honest concerning these problems and hope to get them resolved Quickly. My reaction to what I have learn during this meeting was I Need to stop and think before I enter a meeting in the way I Approach the person I am going to talk with and that what your Body language, gestures, eye contact and tone of voice is what The listener sees first of all. I feel I have a better understanding What other see and I plan to improve that in the future..

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