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If I where President, hey that sounds like a one of kind question to me? I’ve always wondered what i would be like as a president. In this essay I will be presenting to you some of my one of kind presidential qualities. Now I understand that some people are a little shy at times when they get to new things. I play the trombone; I would build a program for students who have a desire in music. From experience I know that it doesn’t come to you in a day I’ve been playing for about three years now. I think that this is very intelligent presidential character.

See me being who I am I like to talk or in other words I love to talk. Some children in America don’t have the ability to talk or contact with others. I would try my hardest to make it where any child that didn’t have the ability to communicate, would be able to have free therapy for there child. I’ve always wanted to go to a scientist and ask them was there an amount of money that I could pay them to find a cure for kids who couldn’t speak or with other words Autism. I have never seen a president as long as I have lived to see presidential speeches say anything about autism at all and to me they are very essential.

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Those also would be great Presidential features. I understand that I am only a child but I still have a say in the world some where. This essay that I am doing is for school and it doesn’t really have a say in the world. I want to not only have a SGA (Student Government of America) for school but I want to have a TGA (Teen Government of America). Just like the adults have an election I want to have a teen president and vice president election, we should be able to have a say so in our country.

If there was a program like TGA I would utterly support it and unquestionably participate in it. So I’ve tried to tell you a couple or should I say several of my presidential qualities. I really do hope that what I said has gave you a visual of ‘’If I Were President’’. Furthermore, hey you never know I could someday be president and change the world in a way you couldn’t imagine. But for certainty I know that in my mind I have some way told you that If I Jeremiahya Anderson was president, I would amend a whole lot of things.

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