Perfect Day Essay

My perfect day would begin with me waking up next to my beautiful wife at nine in the morning in the center of Venice, Italy. Before getting out of bed we do what any other couple would do if they woke up next to each other on a beautiful day in a wonderful hotel in Venice. After a nice long hot shower the two of us enjoy a large continental breakfast together and then walk around the city. The two of us then take a train into Milan where my wife goes off to shop, and I meet up with my five of my best friends.

The six of us get some lunch together and drive to one of the nicest golf courses near Lake Como. After our round of golf, we go to the soccer stadium to watch a world cup game as we toss back several beers. Once the game ends, we meet up with all of our wives and take them out to a wonderful Italian dinner. After dinner, the whole group goes out to a dance club that allows us to overlook the Mediterranean Sea as we dance. Around three in the morning, we all head back to our five star hotel and my best friends and I all agree to impregnate our wives that night so all of our children will grow up together.

We all succeed. At the moment, this day is impossible for me to live because I am not married, I am not in Italy, and none of my friends are in the position to have children. However, I can certainly envision a day similar to this one occurring in the future. Of course there are other material things such as winning the lottery or winning a free car that could make this day even better, but I attempted to describe a perfect day that I believe is within reach of actually happening.

I truly believe my best friends and I will plan a trip together to Italy once we all are married. Once that trip is planned, there will be a day very similar to the one described above and, there is no doubt in my mind that that day will be one of the best, if not the best, days of my life. At each moment of the day, I will be thrilled with whatever it is I am doing at the time, but I will also be very excited about what I have to look forward to.

When I wake up in the morning and begin to make love to my wife, I will probably be thinking there is nothing I would rather be doing at that moment. However, as soon as I finish making love to her, my thought process will change and my most desired activity would be walking around one of the most beautiful cities in the world exploring new things with my wife. After spending the full morning with my wife, I will be very excited about playing a round of golf with my best friends.

There is something about being in a beautiful grassy area with five of your best friends playing a sport that you all love that makes everyone extremely elated. This goes back to my idea that at each point in the day, I will feel as though there is nothing in the world I would rather be doing at that time. I am sure that when I am out on that golf course with my best friends, I will not be thinking about making love to my wife or walking around a historic city. Yet, when I was making love to my wife, I was not thinking about how I would rather be out playing golf with the guys.

I believe the key to being happy is to be completely satisfied with your situation at a certain point in time, but more importantly, to have something to look forward to in the future. Even once my perfect day ends, my five best friends and I will have the most important part of our lives to look forward to; being a parent. This thought alone is enough to keep me happy until the day my child is born, and I feel as though impregnating my wife is the perfect ending to my perfect day.

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