Rani Laxmibai Mahila Audhyogic Prashikshan Sanstha Essay

PROJECT REPORT NGO INTERNSHIP October-November 2008 BY: ANZAAR RANA 2078 FY BBA Symbiosis PUNE TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Organisation 2. Establishment 3. Area of Operation 4. Organization Structure 5. Number of Students 6. Activities Undertaken 7. Proposed Activities 8. Sources of Funds Generated 9. Allocation of Funds 10. Internship Work 11. Vote of Thanks ?ORGANISATION RANI LAXMIBAI MAHILA AUDHYOGIC PRASHIKSHAN SANSTHA KALYANINAGAR CORNER, SHASTRINAGAR SQUARE, YERWADA, PUNE-6 PHONE: 02026671791 E-MAIL: rani. [email protected] com ?ESTABLISHMENT

RANI LAXMIBAI MAHILA AUDHYOGIC PRASHIKSHAN SANSTHA was established in 2004 as a Joint Venture with the Pune Municipal Corporation. ?AREA OF OPERATION RANI LAXMIBAI MAHILA AUDHYOGIC PRASHIKSHAN SANSTHA is engaged in the business of providing education mainly to the lower income group of our population. It provides courses in TALLY, JAVA, BASIC, fashion design etc. It provides this service totally free of cost to individuals whose annual family income is less than Rs. 1 lakh. With a redeemable deposit of Rs. 500, the interested individuals can register themselves for 4 courses at a time.

These courses are government certified and the students get back their deposit after the completion of the course. The classes are conducted between 9 am and 5. 30 pm, each of the class being of 2 hours. The BCA course and the Diploma in fashion design are accredited by the Tilak Maharashtra University. ?ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE The strategies and business policies are decided by the Chairman Mrs. Sangeeta Devkar. The organization has qualified professional staff to closely monitor overall operations of the organization. The organization has 19 employees in the Yerwada branch, where I worked.

The Yerwada office has two receptionists, Mrs. Smriti Londhe and Mrs. Kavita Sonaware, with whom the interested students can register themselves for the available courses. There is no managerial department in the organization. Mainly, the lines of authority and responsibility lie with the chairman. The organization consists of few professional teachers who are working in various reputed universities in Pune. ?NUMBER OF STUDENTS The organization consists of around 800-900 students and in the branch where we were involved had around 400 students. The proposed age of the students aries from 18-45 years. ?ACTIVITIES UNDERTAKEN The organization undertakes activity which includes giving courses such as C,C++, TALLY, JAVA, BASIC, Spoken English, Fashion designing and also classes in cooking and catering etc. Apart from this the organization also offers courses in jewellery making, clay modeling, Rangoli, Mehendi, flat decoration, gardening, pottery and other related disciplines. ?PROPOSED ACTIVITIES In the future, the organization wants to diversify its operations by increasing the no. of registrations by creating awareness among the lower income group.

It also wishes to collaborate with the corporate sector in Pune to help increase the funding. It also seeks donation from well-to-do individuals. The organization wants to invest its funds to build a common library for the enrolled students. The organization aims to focus on developing the creative side of the students. For this the organization hopes to start classes in singing and dancing. ?SOURCES OF FUNDS GENERATED Being in collaboration with the Pune Municipal Corporation, it receives majority of its funds from the local government.

Besides, it receives generous contribution from some of Pune’s much respected families such as the Saxenas, Rauts and Kumbharkars. Apart from this, there are contributions from the corporate sector which includes companies such as Phoenix and Jyoti Mills. ?ALLOCATION OF FUNDS 40% of funds are allocated for the maintenance of the organization apart from that the funds are utilized in buying books and stationery for the students. Courses such as fashion designing require dress materials, sewing machines, stationery for stitching etc. Majority of the funds are used to diversify the organization.

As mentioned earlier the organization proposes to build an in house library and upgrade its computer. Currently it has 12 computers which the organization wishes to bring it up to at least 30 computer systems. ?INTERNSHIP WORK During my internship with the organization, I had thorough exposure to the functioning of the same by teaching English language to the enrolled students. This organization closely monitors its activities at Yerwada, Kothrud, laxmi Road and Shivaji Nagar. During my internship, I had an opportunity to systematically and comprehensively understand the working of the NGO.

I also had an opportunity to make visits to branches in Kothrud and Shivaji Nagar. As it is a fairly new organization, I found the management and functioning to be a tad unsystematic. During the initial days of my internship i was told to assist the English teacher, Mrs. Supriya Kamte. The spoken English course was for 4 months but I was given the opportunity to volunteer midway through the course. During the course which I had volunteered in, had grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation as its main topics. There were 33 students who had enrolled for this particular course.

During that period my task was to monitor the weak students and answer their queries. I was asked to assist the students who were not able to cope up with the rest of the class. After a week the teacher remained absent, in the meanwhile I was given the chance to be in charge of the English class. Initially I was a bit reluctant to supervise but later on I was more confident due to the generous and warm approach of the students and also their yearning for more knowledge. This spark in them enlightened my confidence. I gave extra classes to students who had problem understanding the language during the normal working hours.

Apart from serving the organization with my knowledge I wished to financially contribute as well. Henceforth, after finishing my internship I made a small contribution of Rs. 500 for the organization. ?VOTE OF THANKS I am very thankful to the management and staff of the organization for providing me an opportunity to have an insight into its working for my internship project. Last but not the least I also want to show my appreciation for Mr. Alex Augustin, who introduced me to the Chairman of the organization. * * *

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