Real Argumentativ Outlines Essay

Can’t put down the armrest. Overweight is sensitive subject for obese people. More comfortable for them. Overweight people already pay emotionally. Uncomfortable for their neigh boors. Effective of rights and freedom in modern society. Reduces risk in case of abnormal movement of airplane. Thesis statement: Excess weight fees charged by the airlines are a harsh and discriminative practice that injures self-esteem of the individuals for whom weight is already a sensitive issue.

Paragraph 1: # When does a Passenger Of airplane considered as overweight? (Appleton, 2009). # Excess weight fees make their traveling safer (Rodriguez, 2012). Paragraph 2: # One of six adults suffer from obesity (Tip for the weight challenged travel, 2015). # Is the person responsible for his overweight? (Tip for the weight challenged travel, 2015).

Paragraph 3: # Overweight people can’t fit in a single seat / discrimination based on appearance # Uncomfortable for them and for their neighbors / difficult to overcome obesity # Additional ticket solve the problem / finance effected in addition to emotional suffering # Overweight passenger should be treated as a passenger with extra language / can’t treat human s we treat stuff # Safe flight when spacing are available between passengers / it effects the freedom and rights in modern society Example A passenger of an airplane is considered overweight when they cannot fasten their settable using an extension, when they do not fit into a single seat, and when they cannot put down the armrests of the seat when sitting down; on the other hand, there are hormonal disorders that cause obesity, so punishing the individuals for their body size is harsh and unfair. Example 2: Comfort is a very important aspect of an air travel, especially when it is lengthy. Yet, sorting people based on their size and weights is morally and ethically wrong. Paragraph 4: Specific example 1: According to the American Heart Association, at least one out of six adult people suffers from weight-related problems and obesity (Tips for the Weight- Challenged Traveler, 2015).

Besides, scientists still do not have a complete answer concerning the degree to which a person is responsible or in control of their own weight. Specific example 2: A female passenger of Southwest Airlines called Cynthia Luther attempted to sue the airlines for unfair attitude. The passenger who traveled from Reno to Burbank, California was forced to buy an additional ticket According to Luther, she was openly humiliated by one of the employees of Burbank Airport; the employee states that Luther was too fat to fit into one seat (Lie, 2000). Conclusion: Such actions are discriminative against overweight individuals; they legally deplorer such people, destroy their self-esteem and result in public humiliation and insulting comments.

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