Shakespearean case study Essay

Romeo and Juliet barely knew each other, so how could this possibly be real love? Well l, it is not. Their deaths were the result of their developing teenage brains and emotions. Or meow and Juliet should definitely be held responsible for their own deaths. The feud between the Capsules and the Montage’s, as readers believe caucus deed the starched lovers to get married and following that take their lives. In the art CLC Taking Words Seriously Romeo and Juliet Are Troubled Kids the author Stanton Peel discusses Romeo and Gullet’s death trip and addictive love and teen suicide. Romeo and Juliet is actually Shakespearean case study of what results when two unfriendliness’s you this meet at vulnerable points in their lives and are then forcibly separated addiction, with drawl, suicide. ‘ The author also mentions, ” But, contrary to the popular image that their warring families are the source of this violence, it stems from the lovers themselves, and is directed at themselves. ” Although most people believe that the feud between the families resulted in t he lovers deaths is actually incorrect, but the teens themselves and their “love” for catheter ca seed them to commit suicide.

All of these problems occurred and violently ended due to the simple facts that Romeo ND Juliet barely knew each other, were never really in love, and were too you Eng to understand what they were doing and getting themselves into. On the other hand there is a completely different approach. In the article The gram on Love by Diane Ackerman states, ” All relationships change the brain -? but most important are the intimate bonds that foster or fail us, altering the delicate circuits that shape e memories, emotions and that ultimate souvenir, the self. Maybe Romeo and Juliet did h eave feelings for catheter and they were definitely attracted to each other, however that doe NT mean they were really in love. Meeting someone for the first time and admitting love for them doesn’t make any sense. Perhaps they were attracted to each other, but not knowing them and not knowing their personality cannot determine true love. Maybe after going out with them and learning who they truly are will honestly tell if it is love.

Romeo and Juliet met each other at Cap let’s party, talked to each other for a few minutes, kissed and then parted. Then Juliet of undo out Romeos true identity, that he was a Monger and became even more interested in hi m. Juliet knew that hat she was feeling was wrong and that they couldn’t be together because t heir families despised each other. However Romeo and Juliet still became involved and in stagnantly got married without even getting to know each other. However, if their families weren’t RI Val’s they would have never gotten married or at least so quickly.

They would have taken their time to think it over and to really get to know each other before instantly admitting their love for each other. While getting involved with Juliet, Romeo was still getting over Rosalie. He w desperate to get over Rosalie so he thought that by finding someone new hi pain and broken heart would go away. Romeo just used Juliet as a way to get over his feelings for the girl that he possibly really loved. Benevolent inspired Romeo to do this, “At this same ancient t feast of Caplet’s sups the fair Rosalie whom thou so loves, With all the admired BEA duties of Verona.

Go thither, and with unattained eye compare her face with some that I shall s how, and I will make thee think thy swan a crow” (1. 3. 89). Benevolent convinced his pal to expel ore other options and Romeo surely was convinced. Juliet also had a reason to move to quickly into things. Her parents had just decided that she was going to marry County Paris and that s he was going to have to get to know him at Caplet’s party. “It is an honor that dream not of’ (1. 3. 71). This is how Juliet responds when her mother asks her about marriage.

Then Lady Caplet tells Juliet, “The valiant Paris seeks you for his love” (13. 80). Of Course Juliet hated the idea a ND had to find any possible way to get out of the marriage. So along the way Juliet met Room e who she was rapidly attracted to. She thought that she would rather marry Romeo who SSH e actually liked and ad some feelings for than to some unknown stranger that she was forced to live with for the rest of her life. Based on the all the facts, evidence and statistics it is correct to state that it w as lust.

Romeo and Juliet had absolutely no time to get to know each other and comply tell rushed into getting married. Knowing somebody for that short amount of time cannot no t determine whether or not they were in love. Even though if in some cases the feuding families trip greed the teens to get married in the first place, ultimately Romeo and Juliet did not think of the causes and the effects of their relationship, therefore they both ended up lying next to each o there dead in the end.

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