Shylock Argumentative Essay

A person that is debatable whether villain or victim I s Shylock. Shylock was abused with words such as “devil” and “dog”. His business isn’t booming because of Antonio, a Christian merchant. His daughter was taken from him by a Christian n man named Lorenz. Like a Christian he will take revenge but he “will better the instruction NSA”. He says he will “plague” and “torture” Antonio.

He doesn’t show mercy and takes Antonio to court to settle heir contract; which states if Antonio cannot pay his debt then Shylock gets o nee pound of Notation’s flesh preferably his heart, but he fails and ends up being forced to c invert to a Christian. Is Shylock a victim or not? Although others may say that Shylock is a villain ,but personally I think he is vi CCITT. The opposition brings up evidence like when he says “Cursed be my tribe If I forgive e iii, 51 52)

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