The Curious Case Persuasive Essay

When she suddenly “died” he was crushed but also extremely confused because she was so young. He then uncovered a box of letters addressed to him from his mother, who was living in London. Christopher was torn when he found out that his father was hiding knowledge about his mother, and multiple other things from him. Learning that the most reliable person in your life is a completely different than you thought they were is heartbreaking. Even though Judy demonstrated abusive tendencies and aggressive behavior towards her son and husband, she still cared immensely for Christopher.

She as unable to understand that Christopher struggles for social acceptance and understanding, as a result of his autism. With his mother no longer part of Christopher life, he did not have to worry about his parents arguing. Judy would repeatedly shout at her family, which evidently separated her from the negative environment. Autism makes it difficult to imagine the thoughts and feelings of others. In other words, Christopher cannot empathic. When his mother would breakdown as a result of his uncontrollable tantrums, she would react by yelling and saying that it was his fault.

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She comes across as a dreamer who is unable to manage the harsh reality of Christopher condition. “If things were different, if you were different. ” Judy writes this in one of her letters to Christopher. This shows that she is not willing to accept his disability. Therefore, when she left, it was positive for Deed and Christopher. Now that she lives in London, Judy and her son will be able to establish a healthy and accepting relationship. Have you ever felt misunderstood? Have you ever felt isolated from the people around you? Have you ever wanted everyone to leave you alone?

This s how Christopher felt when his father told him that his mother had died. Without an explanation or being able to say goodbye to his mother, Christopher felt confused and indignant. Death is incredibly challenging to cope with for anyone, but Christopher autism made this emotional battle more overwhelming. He was deprived of closure in regards to his mother’s passing which left him feeling even more lost and hopeless. He lacks the ability to fully understand the cause of his mother’s “death” and does not display any signs of guilt, but he feels somewhat responsible for her death.

Everyone has experienced the grief of someone you once trusted turn on you. Christopher battled these conflicted feelings towards his father. He knew that if he left, his life would be forever different but if he stayed with his father he would be in danger. After his father told him that he was responsible for killing Wellington, Christopher felt unsafe and no longer trusted him. Since Christopher is deprived of recognizing how other people feel and being able to analyze a situation from each perspective, he abruptly made the decision to run away. Fear causes anyone to do things they oldest ever imagine doing.

After finding the letters in his father’s closet he knew that he would take the train to London and live with his mother. By the end of the novel, Christopher realized and accepted that his relationship with his parents will never be the same. Christopher mother had abusive tendencies and was aggressive towards him and her husband. She was also not very understanding of his autism. She may have been impulsive, but her love for Christopher was unconditional; proven by the endless letters she wrote to him. His mother’s “death” and dealing with the oppression, anxiety and confusion that came afterwards was incredibly hard for Christopher.

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