This is a paper all about ringworms Essay

This grows larger and sometimes reaches the size of a silver dollar. The area inside clears and the eruption appears as a red, scaly ring. This form of ringworm appears on non-hairy parts of the body. Ringworm of the scalp, which also occurs primarily in children, is the most contagious form of the disorder. It causes itching, and the hair may break off or fall out, giving the scalp a patchy appearance. Treatment requires that the hair be shaved off. An oral initiating medication may be prescribed. Scalp sores must be kept clean and dry, and often the child is isolated to prevent he infection from spreading to other children.

Ringworm is infectious, but it can usually be easily cured if treated with local applications of fungicidal compounds as advised by a physician. The spots of this of this type of ringworm may disappear without treatment after a few weeks, or they may persist for months. Body ringworm may attack persons of any age. Flat yellowish or brownish patches may appear on the patient’s neck, back, chest, or abdomen. Ringworm may also affect the fingernails and toenails, causing thickening and deformation. When found on the feet, ringworm is called athlete? S foot.

To diagnose ringworm, a physician scrapes off portions of the affected areas and examines them under a microscope. If a fungus is present, a characteristic type of growth will be evident. Some forms of ring. Room of the scalp may be diagnosed by means of an ultraviolet light, which causes certain types of fungi to glow with a bright yellowish-green color. Ring-norm infections are often difficult to treat. Keeping the infected area clean and dry helps prevent growth and spread Of fungus. Scraping Of overgrown skin or nail tissue may be helpful, and various initiating medications may be applied.

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