Ti – Erp System Description Essay

The system is delivered via true Service-Oriented Architecture, meaning that buyers can purchase only the modules they need without being forced to buy other modules that are part of the system The software allows the company to be : * cost effective * scalable Solutions designed to grow as your business grow provide flexible deployment options like AAAS or cloud software Adaptable and collaborative business architecture in order to do business anywhere * Compatibility

Next-generation enterprise applications are not just built for change, but are designed for people. Social computing mobile capabilities, rich information, and enterprise Web 2. 0 tools are improving the business value for users by improving the user experience. The Epicure industry-leading technology framework drives Epicure next-generation enterprise applications and melds Epicure True SOW and Web 2. 0 to meet the business requirements of today and offer the flexibility to accommodate unseen opportunities in the future.

The Epicure next-generation applications take businesses to the next level by averaging innovative consumer Web concepts to deliver an agile, adaptable business resource that ensures maximum business productivity with minimal overhead. A resource that will not only grow and change with your business, but is designed to help you optimize your most important resources. Intogyration profound eaves Microsoft Office Compatibility eaves principal cystmess despoliation Winnows,h;, Linux, Unix Pet tree utilizes eaves phone… Functionality: ivory el suchma Epicure provides a complete enterprise management platform, based around a core business architecture that allows for significant customization and infallibility to suit a particular customer or industry requirements. This diagram provides a good overview of the main functional modules of Epicure. * Security: – Automated Backup Solution (ABS) provides real-time, off-site data backup storage in our secure location. -There your data remains protected and private until you need it. -more often it’s a hardware failure, corrupt database, or human error that leads to lost data. Fact: the average cost Of company downtime due to data loss and system failure to be $84,000 to $90,000 per hour -Therefore, in the event of a complete system loss, Epicure’s failover option can be implemented to run your business on your latest restored data. This allows you to have the peace of mind that your system could be operational within hours. * Performance : Epicure’s ERR, retail, and business software solutions are designed to be cost- effective, while at the same time are extremely powerful, flexible, and scalable.

Moreover, our solutions are designed to grow as your business grows and provide flexible deployment options like AAAS or cloud software. Existing Epicure users will not be forced to migrate to Epicure 9. X series. Under the vendor’s Protect, Extend, and Converge policy, existing solutions will be purported in the foreseeable future (the “protect’), and individual product lines will experience changes that bring them in line with better usability and manageability (the “extend”). Therefore, users of other solutions from Epicure’s portfolio will not be forced to upgrade.

Our solutions are used in more than 150 countries and are available in more than 30 languages. Epicure is designed for the way people work today, yet is ready for how people will work tomorrow. Epicure raises technology to a level that delivers an unprecedented ERP system that supports continuous performance through real-time, in-context Business Insight. At the core of Epicure is an adaptable and collaborative Business Arch texture that satisfies the needs of any enterprise-?regardless of country, industry, or device-?to enable Business anywhere Non functional attributes * Maturity: Used in 200 countries and available in 30 languages.

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