Top Ten Reasons to Stop Playing Online Essay

Top Ten Reasons to stop Video Gaming: 1. Availability of newer and better online games. Did you not notice that just a few days later or a week there is a new online game that is released into this world? , this is one of the never ending cycles that can get one of the people to play and expirience the new adventure of a game. 2. Poor return of investment. Many people play for hours and it would take many months to stop them but how about when they get bored? What do they do now? they sell their online accounts with only a fraction of what they really spent. 3. It Mursders any relationships. When people who are addicts to computer games play more and more they lose track of many things like for example their girlfriends, their mind is mostly on the game they play and sooner or later the girl will break up with the boy, and that’s another cycle we need to stop because this has been done a lot of time by now. 4. Addiction to games can ruin your grade or any kind of career.

Many people prefer to play games than to deal with the harsh reality of life. 5. Huge numbers of annoying characters. Im talking about the SCAMMERS, BAD MOUTHERS, KiLL-STEALERS, LOOTERS, IDENTITY THIEVES, GM Impersonators and most speciall the HACKERS. 6. Your buddies have stopped playing the game. What if all your friend stopped, what now? Its well known that it’s a lot of fun when one plays with friends, and it’s a bummer of you have no one to relate with in the game. 7. The Service and and or support system is just plain awful.

Well, we all know that the games just don’t give 100% so why play the games that you will not give a 100% support for you? Its just awful and also if you lost your items, what will they do? That’s just a starter for one of the many complaints. 8. Financial Drainage. All the games require money even if its FREE-TO-PLAY they will drain all of your hard earned money and many children and teens steal just to load and play in the computer games they solely love. 9. Its super Dangerous to your health.

So, you think your safe while playing a game? Ever heard about muscle pain and exposure to radiation, this is just two of the many things that can make you sick to your whole life 10. It takes to much time. Time is Gold, all of the hours you could have spen bettering your life is all gone, (I HOPE YOU READ THE THINGS HERE BECAUSE IT IMPORTANT) The stopping of playing online games is up to you, try to stopping it moderately if you play 5 hours every try try 4 hours for a week than 3 hours for the next week and so on and so forth.

Summary And Conclusion: My summary for this research is that playing computer games may be fun and it is also way dangerous if you get hooked on one of the computer games just think of the concingqences that you will get just look that the dangers and the TOP 10 Reasons to stop playing games In this research paper I have completed to make it a convincing and a very helpful research that can and will help many people to understand the dangers of playing online games Everone can change if wanted, we cant do anything to those who does want to change.

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