US Foreign Aid Persuasive paper Essay

There are over two million soldiers, not including civilians, killed or wounded in the military interventions that were sent overseas by the United States’ government over the course of 60 years (“Timeline of U. S. Wars & conflicts”, 1). In between that, countless wars have been fought and a lot of them don’t really benefit anything besides drying out resources of both sides that are fighting the war. The decision to send aid to foreign countries is absolutely unnecessary because the governments are corrupt, it wastes resources and money and most importantly unwanted and unnecessary casualties. What is foreign aid?

Foreign aid is money, food or other resources lent from a country to another one that is in need of that particular aid. There are actually many types of aid but 3 main ones according to Dampish Mayo: humanitarian and emergency aid, charity-based aid, and systematic aid (Maya, 7). Emergency aid is a response to a catastrophic or a natural disaster, charity-based aid is usually performed by charity organizations, and systematic aid is a payment from a government to another. The U. S has been giving out all three types of aids to an adequate amount of countries. In an economy that is failing, lattice institutions are basically meaningless.

A country is suffering from bad government’ aid will only makes it worse. Aid increases corruption and corruption fosters corruption (Mayo, 49-52). A corrupt government tends to steal everything including foreign aid’s “offerings”, then why on earth would an increase amount of aid stops them from doing it again. “The aid relationship tips in favor of the corrupt government” (Mayo, 55). And these so called governments are grazing bits and bits of foreign aid money or even taking the whole thing, they have no intentions to patch things up in their own country (Mayo, 40).

Another thing that is not helping the situation is the lending agencies. For example: the U. S gives out $8. 5 million everyday to Israel and that’s not the only country we are giving aid to. This bad habit of giving out aid to corrupt governments is starting to decay into a bad business cycle over time. The lending agencies will base the rate of success on the importance of the donor country rather than if the aid is going to the actual country that is receiving it (Mayo, 54). Currently the U.

S is very deep in debt with China and other countries: a total of 1 6 trillion dollars and its increasing . 58 billion dollars each day according to the national debt clock (U. S. National Debt Clock, 1). But apparently they can still give out billions and billions of foreign aid to other countries. Foreign aid is a WASTE OF MONEY. From the point proved above, it is wasteful because it will go into the pockets of corrupt political organizations and again, the U. S is already in so much debt and there’s no reason to spend that much cash aiding countries that is falling apart.

On a side note, in the Iran – Iraq war, Sad Hussein received foreign aid from U. S. UT then afterwards they found out Sad had bad intentions and was violating the Nun’s rule so U. S. Withdrew. Even though Sad Hussein massacred thousands of Kurds and committed genocide again his own people, his trial was unfair and illegal to be exact (Iraq: Sad Hussein Put to Death I Human Rights Watch, 1). “Hussein and two co-defendants his half-brother and former intelligence chief Barman Hosannas, and Awed Band, former chief judge of the Revolutionary Court were sentenced to death Novo. For the killings of 148 people in Ducal, a mostly Shiite town north of Baghdad, after a 1982 attempt to assassinate the then-Iraqi leader” (Hussein trial “fundamentally unfair”, 1). The Human Rights Watch is opposed to the death penalty in every way. “Sad Hussein was responsible for massive human rights violations, but that can’t justify giving him the death penalty, which is a cruel and inhuman punishment,” according to Richard Dicker, Director of Human Right’s Watch International Program.

A report by the Human Right’s Watch “Judging Ducal: The First Trial Before the Iraqi High Tribunal” based on nearly a year of observations and interviews with the routs employees pointed out an abundance of flaws in the trials consisting of ‘failures to disclose key evidence to the defense, violations of the defendants’ right to question prosecution witnesses, and the presiding judge’s demonstrations of bias” (Iraq: Sad Hussein Put to Death I Human Rights Watch, 1).

One the most compelling evidence that opposes U. S. Foreign aid, especially military; is the lives that have been taken. U. S. Foreign war casualty numbers are sky high. For example: Korean War, U. S. Helped South Korea fend off the North but they only reached an armistice – an agreement to stop sighting, not a peace treaty. 128,650 American and Korean soldiers were killed or severely wounded, for an armistice. Even until now, North Korea is still threatening to bomb U. S. And South Korea because of that war.

Almost a hundred thousand men died for nothing (United States Military Casualties of War, 1). All of this senseless killing because of one doctrine, The Truman Doctrine, which stated that the U. S. Would provide military and economic support to all countries that are being threatened by Communism (Truman Doctrine, 1). The doctrine has caused thousands of deaths around the globe ND it was also a flop. It may benefits Greece but it started the Cold War, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War, which derived all these countries’ resources.

Foreign Aid has its pros and cons but all the negatives effects it has on the U. S. And the global community, its very unnecessary in certain cases. Countries are starting to getting dependent on aid and not improving itself. Sometimes, you have to look at both sides of something to decide whether its good or bad in the particular situation. Instead of just giving out aid money, the communities should work on reviving and empowering itself.

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